Saturday, July 12, 2014

just sketchin'...

After some thought i made the decision to, not just post sketches but also write. An artistic diary of sorts. Hopefully will help me reflect on my on thoughts and improve as an artist < )))<

Sketching/painting from "imagination". It must be the thing i find the hardest at the moment, every time i try, the back of my head screams "be original", "no reference", "must look amazing" (silly head). A part of my brain that needs to exercise more and is shouting all the reasons to be lazy, but hints on my weakness and therefore what i should work on. Another reason that i might find it still hard maybe be due to a visual library that is not developed enough, and therefore recycling the same ideas more often that not. The goal now is to develop more the visual library by studying existing things from the past and present and other artists. Let's GO!

These thoughts and opinions are personal and reflect only what i think now, can change as it did so many times before


Marian Rowling said...

Sounds like a cool idea to draw and write.

Sukh said...

I like how open you are with your thoughts, I have the same voice in my head. I think your solution is pretty good, the more articulate the mind is the better you can express originality? maybe, I dunno.

I love both of these sketches btw they're both varied but you can see the same underlying skill you've built. More, my good friend, more!

Call0ps said...

Marian - Thank you =)doing more out of necessity and to improve my work.

Sukh - Cheers mate! I believe in that, don't think in painting is just about an articulate mind, other ingredients has to be part in order to create something special, but don't believe one can get there without it either ;)