Monday, August 18, 2014

History and universes

  This character was created after a visit to the Imperial War Museum. As i was drawing, i was thinking what sort of soldier he is and his purpose. But all that background and history (WWI&II) is based on the sketches i did at the museum. So it is easier to situate the character in 'his own world'.
There's often original characters made, by myself or otherwise, that i do not care for it. Not that the drawing is bad, sometimes the technical skills are impressive! But there's nothing to hold on to. So where does one get that?
  Going to the museum i could see the world that inspired  'Hellboy' , 'Captain America', 'Steamboy', 'Rocketeer' and so many others. Maybe that's where and why i failed the most. Was thinking more on creating a character without the world to put him into. The character should be the result of his circumstances and surroundings. Collecting image reference is very important, but knowing the history (of whatever universe) is equally if not more so. Note to self: Read more books!

  Also, that might be why so much fanart gets much more attention. Despite of drawing characters standing doing nothing, people know their backgrounds, personalities and universe, it comes with all that worked out for us. On the making, knowing all of it also facilitates, because i can put myself in their feet. Groot would smile! and not care to much about serious posing. Training that side of the brain is vital for good story telling, understanding the position of each character and their decision making for every situation. In that sense, fan art / fan fiction is a fantastic exercise.
  People make also fan art purely out of love to the characters =)


Drunk Si said...

Groot wouldn't smile in the comics!

Call0ps said...

but... =(

Matt Berger said...

yeah buddy! great post. i'm mattgamer fro conceptart forums days. way back before 2008. glad you linked this blog in your sig. it's great to see your images progress and that you struggle just as much as i do. now days it's been tough for me (with work and life taking over), but i must take initiative and work harder for my free time to study and enjoy art again.

love this fantart. really is simply sweet. don't fret, you're doing great man! add me on fb too if you're around there /mattgam3r